Saweetie Reflects On Her Controversial Take On Hermès Bags - She Wants 'Property' AND A 'Birkins'

Saweetie Reflects On Her Controversial Take On Hermès Bags  - She Wants 'Property' AND A 'Birkins'
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Saweetie probably didn't realize what would happen when she first took to her Instagram, alongside her boyfriend, Quavo, to say that women should "send their man back to the streets" if he didn't have enough money to pay their bills or buy them Hermès bags.

Fast-forward to today, and many rappers and performers have still touched on the debate, including T.I, who talked about the importance of investing one's money rather than spending it on luxury items.

In case you missed it, Saweetie said on her account that a woman should leave her man unless he paid her bills and bought her whatever she wanted, including Hermès bags. The comment made a lot of people mad on social media, with many arguing that her remarks clearly showed just how out of touch she was.

Just a few weeks later, and the rapper is talking about the debate once again, except this time, she's reflecting on what she should've said right from the get-go.

During a conversation with Brooklyn White of Girls United, Saweetie
said getting an expensive bag like a Birkin was "symbolic." She responded to the critics who asked why it wouldn't be better to get investments instead, and Saweetie asked why not get both?

Saweetie declared that her simple belief is that men should spoil their women with gifts and other presents. She claimed it wasn't about the expensive bag outright, it was more about just buying a nice gift every once in a while.

As a side note, the performing artist admitted she forgot how big her platform has become in recent years ever since she became more well known in the rap scene. The rapper is currently gearing up to drop her debut studio record, "Pretty Bitch Music," which is coming out in 2021.


As it was previously reported, Saweetie and Quavo sparked controversy earlier this year when she said that a girl had to send her man packing if he didn't spoil her properly. Quavo walked up to the camera afterward and merely shrugged it off.

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