Saweetie Almost Quit Rap - She Started Going On Job Interviews For Hospitals

Saweetie Almost Quit Rap - She Started Going On Job Interviews For Hospitals
Credit: BET

Before she became famous, Saweetie drifted down to Southern California when she started college. According to Hot New Hip Hop, she landed at USC where she studied communications and business.

After she graduated, Saweetie decided that she wanted to jump into the music industry - overall, she wanted to make rapping more than a hobby. She wanted to make a career out of it.

The online publication mentioned above reported that she talked about the move on FUSE TV's series Made From Scratch.

They write that during an episode that's set to air on Tuesday, Saweetie, her aunt and her grandmother talked about the young woman and they addressed how she almost gave up on her dreams.

'I don't know what I would be doing without someone like my grandma in my corner,' she reportedly said.

Saweetie continued and said 'I'm not conscious about being classy. I'm not conscious about being smart. I think I was just bred that way.'

She also said, 'they would offer me these positions, and right before I would agree to be hired, or whatever it was, my heart just didn't feel right.'

She also said that she will work hard for a year and if things were not going to succeed she would have gone back home and stay with her family.

It's been also reported that her grandmother concluded the whole discussion by saying that you just have to follow your dreams.

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