Savannah Guthrie Reportedly Contributed To Kate McKinnon's Perfect SNL Impersonation - Here's How!

Savannah Guthrie Reportedly Contributed To Kate McKinnon's Perfect SNL Impersonation - Here's How!
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If you tuned in to the latest episode of Saturday Night Live, you know that Kate McKinnon just portrayed Today show co-host, Savannah Guthrie, in a skit meant to parody her Town Hall interview with Donald Trump. That being said, it sounds like Guthrie really wanted the comedian to do a perfect job when playing her so she helped out. Here’s how!

That’s right! Savannah Guthrie made sure to help Kate McKinnon perfect her portrayal of her in the Dueling Town Halls Cold Open sketch that was shared this past Saturday.

The viewers were really impressed by Kate McKinnon's impersonation of the Today host and did not hesitate to praise her just as much as they praised Guthrie for the merciless questions she had for the current POTUS.

Now, one insider tells E! News some of the behind the scenes secrets about how the Today host herself contributed to the perfectly accurate impersonation.

‘Typically, they'd have to find or make the suit that Savannah wore. They reached out to Savannah asking where it was from and she told them they could borrow it. Savannah lent her actual suit so that's what Kate wore in the skit. They are the exact same size!  Savannah sent over her suit by Friday night and the SNL team worked on the skit earlier that evening. They wanted to make sure to get it right and even copied Savannah's look down to her manicure,’ the source revealed.

The sketch has been viewed over 5.8 million times on YouTube in less than two days so it really seems like viewers loved it and that is mostly because of Kate’s masterful and hilarious portrayal of Savannah.

Furthermore, Carson Daly, one of her Today co-hosts, reacted to it as well, saying about the sketch: ‘I mean, Kate McKinnon. That was hilarious! Spot on.’

Her other co-host, Hoda Kotb, then added that: ‘Down to the fingernails and pink suit. I think she nailed it…she was great. I thought she was great.’


As for Guthrie herself, she is yet to share her opinion on the sketch since she had her day off on Monday.


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