Saturday Night Live's Michael Che Rants That He Is 'Hurt And Angry' After Grandmother Dies Due To Coronavirus

Saturday Night Live's Michael Che Rants That He Is 'Hurt And Angry' After Grandmother Dies Due To Coronavirus
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Saturday Night Live star Michael Che is mourning the loss of his grandmother due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The heartbroken comedian posted an “open letter’ on Instagram on Monday to share his feelings while insisting that he was “fine.”

“Last night my grandmother passed away from the coronavirus. I’m doing ok, considering. I’m obviously very hurt and angry that she had to go through all that pain alone,” the 36-year-old comedian wrote in a lengthy statement.

He went on to say that he is happy that his grandmother isn’t in pain anymore, but he also feels guilty for feeling happy. Che said that he has gone through a “whole gamut of complex feelings” that everyone else experiences when they lose someone who is very close and special.

“I’m not unique. But it’s still scary,” said Che.

The comedian expressed his frustration about how both the media and politicians have been spreading misinformation during the pandemic, and believes we are not “getting the whole truth.” He doesn’t know if someone else he knows will die, or maybe he will. But, he refuses to believe that he lost his sweet, beautiful grandma because someone “ate a bat one time.”

Instead, Che thinks the pandemic could be the result of 5G poisoning, even though he hasn’t done his research or understand what that is. He then advised his more than 450,000 followers to take care of their immune system by watching what they eat, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamins and probiotics, and making sure to include plenty of leafy greens when they eat.

Che admitted that it’s easy to sit around and eat cookies because that’s “his jam,” but COVID-19 seems to be affecting people with pre-existing conditions the most. Therefore, sitting around and eating junk isn’t the answer to getting rid of the virus.

He also called out the fast food industry for conditioning people to eat “straight trash,” especially in the black community. Che questioned why his community has some of the best athletes on the planet, yet lead the world in diabetes and heart disease.

Che was furious that some fast food restaurants were delivering amid the pandemic and accused them of making food that kills people. He also pointed out that we don’t know what is in fast food, and for all we know we could be eating bats, too.

Michael Che finished up his post by saying that news outlets need to stop the daily headlines with death counts because this isn’t a telethon. And, he also voiced his anger about the fact that the whole world is dealing with this virus and losing loved ones because someone ate a bat.

“I’m just mad,” wrote Che, along with a peace sign emoji.


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