“Saturday Night Live” Roasts Recurring Guest Alec Baldwin Following His Parking Lot Arrest

“Saturday Night Live” Roasts Recurring Guest Alec Baldwin Following His Parking Lot Arrest
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On Saturday night, the cast and crew of NBC's SNL made fun of Alec Baldwin just one day following his arrest for supposedly assaulting a man during an argument over a New York City parking spot.

Kate McKinnon and friends made fun of Alec during the segment that parodied the coverage of the Central American migrant caravan headed for the US Border on Fox News.

At the very end of the joke, McKinnon as Ingraham jokes that the "disgraced" ex-actor was busted molesting a young boy.

The image flashed on the screen was an old Saturday Night Live sketch with Adam Sandler and Alec Baldwin together. In the clip, Baldwin and Sandler are wearing scout hats and sleeping in sleeping bags at a camping site.

Thus far, the sketch has garnered around 500,000 views on YouTube, just one day after publishing. As most know, Alec frequently portrays Donald Trump in Saturday Night Live, a role which has garnered him significant critical praise from fans and industry players.

Regardless, fame and fortune can't save even the beloved Baldwin from controversy and scrutiny. On Twitter, Baldwin denied the allegations that he punched a person in New York on Friday morning.

He said that reports about the incident were made up, and a result of money-hungry media organizations, dedicated to conjuring up as many allegations as possible for clickbait infotainment.

Despite his denial, the police confirmed later he would be charged with assault. This won't be the first time that Alec has gotten in trouble with the authorities either. In 2013, Alec got into a scuffle with paparazzi.

And he also was charged with riding his bike in the wrong lane. However, it wasn't the initial crime that was the problem. The police later said in a statement that Alec became needlessly belligerent and confrontational during their conversation.

On Twitter, the Academy Award-winner said that the charges were a result of a financially desperate state government, filing petty charges against citizens for the sake of tax dollars. Alec was criticized later for tweeting out the cop's name and badge number -  also known as "doxing."


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