Sarah Palin And Todd Co-Grandparent Together — Willow Palin Gives Birth To Twin Girls!

Sarah Palin And Todd Co-Grandparent Together — Willow Palin Gives Birth To Twin Girls!
Credit: Source: Sarah Palin/Instagram

Sarah Palin and her husband of 31 years may be having marriage difficulties, but it seems the two got along perfectly well to co-grandparent. The couple's daughter, Willow Palin Bailey welcomed twin daughters with her husband Ricky. Todd Palin filed for divorce from Sarah Palin on his birthday, September 6, but Sarah Palin says that the couple are in marriage counseling and things aren't final yet. Sarah shared photos from Willow's hospital room on Monday evening announcing that Willow gave birth to twin girls Blaise and Banks.

The family knew that Willow, 25, was expecting twins and they couldn't contain their excitement. Fans immediately pointed out that Sarah Palin and Todd Palin seemed far from estranged in the photos that Sarah shared with her 136,000 Instagram followers. The 55-year-olds both sat side by side and looked lovingly at their granddaughters who were bundled up and wearing newborn hats. The infant girls slept soundly while their grandparents smiled at them.

You may see the photos that Sara Palin shared of her new granddaughters Banks and Blaise Bailey below.

Willow Palin Bailey had recently shown off a photo of her pregnant belly and it was clear she was all baby. Willow managed her pregnancy weight gain extremely well and it appeared the only place she gained weight was in her pregnant belly. She shared the photo just two days prior to giving birth. Many twin pregnancies are considered high risk and have an increased rate of cesarean sections. Neither Willow or Sarah have stated whether she gave birth naturally or if she had a c-section.

You may see the photo that Willow shared of her pregnant belly below.

Willow also shared a sweet closeup photo of her new daughters and the picture is going viral. With more than 14,000 likes, Banks and Blaise are cuddled up against each other dressed in their pink layettes while resting on a pink, cable-stitched blanket. The girls appear to be identical. At this point, no one has said if the girls are fraternal or identical twins, but they certainly appear to be identical.

You may see the photo that Willow shared with the following caption that announced the birth of her twin daughters below.

"Banks and Blaise... we are so in love with you girls ❤️"

Congratulations to Willow and Ricky as their family has just doubled in size!

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