Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Hilarious ‘Thirst Trap' And It's Not What You Think!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Hilarious ‘Thirst Trap' And It's Not What You Think!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar took to her app of choice to ‘thirst trap’ her many fans but it turns out that it was not what you would normally see under that topic! Usually, it means sharing a sexy video or pic, meant to make people ‘thirsty’ but the Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress is known for her humor so she took that term in a totally different hilarious direction!

Gellar shared on her Twitter a scene from the popular TV series, in which her character, Buffy, can be seen chugging down her demon roommate’s carton of milk!

That’s right! She just took the meaning of the popular slang very literally and her followers were very amused!

In the caption, she acknowledged the silliness of her post, writing that: ‘This is what all the cool kids have been posting on Instagram right? #ThirstTrap #tbt.’

In the comment section, one fan mentioned the character of Kathy, sharing that ‘I just watched that episode a week ago ! Evil Kathy.’

They were, of course, referring to Buffy’s college roommate Kathy Newman, who was also a 3000 years old demon.

In this season 4 episode, Buffy had just moved into her college dorm and she was not at all happy with her roommate since Kathy would continuously criticize her every move.

In response to it, Buffy starts being mean and bratty back, the milk scene being one of the instances where she’s acting out.

After all, the milk belonged to Kathy and Buffy wanted to get under her skin as well.

Here are more of the comments from the amused fans: ‘It’s share time!!’ / ‘yes that’s right, is katy still mad because you stole the milk?’

Sarah has been a constant source of entertainment on her social media during this quarantine, often making reference to the iconic show she was on and even making fun of the bangs her character would sport, comparing it to all the failed DIY haircuts people have been trying during lockdown!


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