Sarah Michelle Gellar Dyes Hair Pink In Quarantine - Jokes About Embarrassing Her Kids!

Sarah Michelle Gellar Dyes Hair Pink In Quarantine - Jokes About Embarrassing Her Kids!
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Sarah Michelle Gellar has joined the long list of people DIYing their hairstyles and cuts during the coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic quarantine! The actress took to social media to show off her new pink hair and joked that it was another ‘creative way’ to embarrass her kids!

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star actually looks amazing and the color really suits her skin tone and eyes but in the caption, she mentioned that her dye job would be guaranteed to embarrass her young ones.

'Well because we're still in quarantine, I had to think of a new and creative way to embarrass my children. Quaran-color,’ the actress said in the video she posted.

As for the caption, she wrote: ‘#RoseAllDay. Or until it fades out.’

True! In case you were not aware, vibrant and unnatural hair colors tend to fade really quickly, which is why they are really hard to manage and keep looking nice for a long time.

But that also means that Sarah did not need to make a huge commitment since her hair color will most likely be nearly back to blonde by the time the quarantine ends!

Besides, even if it doesn’t wash away by then, she will still have access to an actual hairstylist to fix it for her, so no worries!

Quarantine has been all about trying out new things, anyway – even if just out of pure boredom!

This is not even her first post related to quarantine hair!

Not too long ago, the Buffy actress also posted a meme comparing her awkwardly short bangs back when she was on the show, with people trying and failing to cut their own hair during the self-isolation now!

It turns out that she could not stay away from experimenting on her hair either, despite poking fun at everyone else!

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