Sarah Jessica Parker Says Working On "Sex And The City" Was Suffocating

Sarah Jessica Parker Says Working On "Sex And The City" Was Suffocating
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As fans of the series know, Sarah Jessica Parker and a few of the other starring women had a hard time filming Sex and The City. Rumors have it that Kim Cattrall and the other leading ladies didn't get along one bit while on set.

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker admitted that the series almost never happened. Sarah, 53, who played the columnist Carrie Bradshaw, admitted she almost didn't sign on to the project.

At the time of the series' beginning, Sarah had worked herself into a reputable actress, starring in Broadway and in films as well. She feared that the TV show would ultimately consume her career, as well as her life.

The star said to James Andrew Miller on his podcast, Origins, that she panicked about the whole thing, stating, "I want to maintain my life." She told the host that she likes to keep her options open, starring in a TV movie, a few plays, and maybe one movie a year.

Sarah said she had a hard time adjusting to how successful the TV show had become, and the grueling schedule it asked of her was hard to get used to.

Parker told the host that it felt, literally, as if someone was holding her hostage at gunpoint; she felt trapped. On Tuesday, Parker said to Fox News that she knows where the future for Carrie Bradshaw lies, and it's "beautiful."

This comes just a few days after Parker opened up about her long withstanding feud with Kim Cattrall. Parker said that the other actresses agreed to film Sex and the City 3, but she didn't. However, there is no fight between them.

Parker is moving on from all of that. Currently, she's starring as Vivienne in Here and Now . Vivienne is a jazz singer about to release an album before receiving a brutal health diagnosis.

As fans of Sarah Jessica Parker know, her time on Sex and the City is arguably the defining role of her career. While she has appeared in other plays, movies, and TV shows, Sex and the City is what made her as famous as she is today. For that reason, it's good to see bad blood hasn't tarnished the show's legacy.


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