Sarah Jessica Parker Begs New York City Residents To Combine Efforts To 'Save Broadway'

Sarah Jessica Parker Begs New York City Residents To Combine Efforts To 'Save Broadway'
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According to Sarah Jessica Parker , the time to support Broadway is now. Sarah was scheduled to star in a revival of Plaza Suite earlier this year with her husband, Matthew Broderick, however, there was obviously a change in plans on account of the coronavirus pandemic.

Page Six reported today that Sarah wrote an op-ed for Variety in which she hoped out loud that the people who have fled New York City after the pandemic took hold would come back and spend a lot of money at shows.

Parker wrote in her piece that she is "encouraging people" to make their way back to the Big Apple to invest in the city. She said it was urgent for those with the know-how and the resources to put their energy and capital into small businesses regardless of the form.

Sarah urged those who have had a lot of success to come back to the city and "reinvest" that capital so the city's theater community can remain. In addition to reflecting on the importance of supporting Broadway, Parker also touched on those who are directly and indirectly involved in the scene.

Parker claimed that theater was the way in which the city gets visitors from outside the community, who often spend money in restaurants and other events and businesses in the area. Put simply, the theater community indirectly has a tremendous impact on other industries, Parker explained.

Obviously, the shutdown of the theaters has directly impacted those employed in it. Parker said there are many individuals who need the money generated from their acting career to pay their bills, including things like mortgages, their children's education, and more.

As it was already noted above, much of the entertainment industry has been put on hold temporarily due to COVID-19. Theaters have been shut down ever since March of this year when the virus first started making its way through the nation.

The coronavirus has affected the film business as well, including movies like No Time To Die , which was postponed until later next year.

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