Sarah Hyland Thinks Khloe Kardashian Should Be The Next Bachelorette!

Sarah Hyland Thinks Khloe Kardashian Should Be The Next Bachelorette!
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It is safe to say that Khloe Kardashian has been through a lot when it comes to her love life! After her latest heartbreak, Sarah Hyland thinks she’s found the solution for the Kardashian to meet her perfect man once and for all – become the next Bachelorette!

It all started with the series’ creator and Executive Producer Mike Fleiss asking fans on Twitter: ‘Now who do you think should be our next #TheBachelorette?’

Seeing this, the Modern Family actress made it clear that Khloe Kardashian is perfect for the gig!

As you may know, the KUWK star’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson was involved in another cheating scandal and they just reportedly ended things!

And since she is now single and has had the worst luck when it comes to finding love, Hyland believes she would be perfect as the next Bachelorette!

In fact, it was not even her idea, but it is safe to say that seeing her agree has caused a lot of social media users to support that scenario as well!

Just yesterday, The Betchelor Podcast responded to Mike’s question, suggesting that Khloe would be the right choice for the role!

That is when Sarah screen grabbed the tweet and posted it on her Instagram Stories, writing ‘THIS’ as to suggest that she is totally on board!

And it looks like Sarah and many others might just get their wish since Mike responded that Khloe is ‘very much in contention’ for the job.

Sarah once again, screen grabbed that tweet and simply captioned it with a ‘wow!’

Since Sarah’s significant other was a contestant on The Bachelorette, she is well aware that it is possible for people to find love on that show!

Would you like to see Khloe as the next Bachelorette?


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