Sarah Hyland Shares Photo With Fiance Wells Adams And Sparks MeToo Outrage β€” Are People Freaking Out Over Nothing?

Sarah Hyland Shares Photo With Fiance Wells Adams And Sparks MeToo Outrage β€” Are People Freaking Out Over Nothing?
Credit: Source: Sarah Hyland/Instagram

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland attended a wedding with her fiance Wells Adams and friends and a new silly photo she posted to her Instagram is going viral and stirring up controversy. Times have changed and people are more aware of the way sexuality is presented on social media. Some people took issue with the photo as the men were grasping their hands around the women's breasts. Sarah herself had a silly look on her face while her fiance smiled behind her as he cupped her breast in his hand. Now, some fans saw nothing wrong with the photo, but there are others who are saying the picture promotes male stereotypes and shouldn't have been posted.

Some followers said that the photo degrades women and treats them as objects for men to "manhandle" and sets the women's rights movement behind.

Photos like these were very common in the 80s and 90s, but now with the MeToo movement, and in the era of gender equality, some feel the pictures are inappropriate.

You may see the caption that Sarah Hyland shared with her 6.9 million followers and the controversial photo she posted below.

"We take wedding photo booths very seriously... #mcm to the men who love and treat their ladies like queens." πŸ‘ΈπŸ» πŸ’•

What is your take on the photo? Do you think it is inappropriate when the people involved are clearly consenting to the behavior? Sarah and Wells are engaged to be married. Many defended Sarah and Wells and said that because they are a couple and not only romantically involved but are in love and engaged to be married, MeToo doesn't apply to their situation. Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams have been together for two years.

Still, others said that the very suggestion that men can grab at women in any situation detracts from the work of MeToo. Because women are trying to change stereotypes and the culture of women being viewed upon as sexual objects, the view the photo as further promoting those stereotypes rather than fighting them.

What do you think? Do you think there is something wrong with Sarah Hyland's photo or do you think MeToo activists and supporters are taking it too far?

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