Sarah Hyland Looking Forward To Her Future After ‘Modern Family’ Comes To An End - Thinks 'The Sky's The Limit!'

Sarah Hyland Looking Forward To Her Future After ‘Modern Family’ Comes To An End - Thinks 'The Sky's The Limit!'
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The TV show that she was on for more than a decade may have come to an end but Sarah Hyland is apparently excited for her future in the acting industry. As fans know, Sarah portrayed Haley Dunphy on Modern Family for no less than 11 years, the public being able to pretty much watch her grow up on screen, turning from a teen to a woman right before everyone’s eyes.

But, all good things must come to an end and the same has happed with the show which has concluded its run.

While it’s definitely hard to move on from such a long project, one insider claims to know that the actress is looking forward to what the future will bring her as far as her acting roles are concerned.

The source shared via HollywoodLife that ‘Sarah thinks it is the sky’s the limit for her career after Modern Family. She is enjoying her time off, she is certainly well off financially and doesn’t have to work again, but she wants to star in her own shows and do movies that make her happy. As of right now, all things in her life are really at a transitional point both in her career and [personal] life. She wants to be at her best health.’

They went on to also dish that ‘She wants to get married and deal with those things and then dive into another show that will take her life in a certain direction. Who would have thought all the success she would have with Modern Family? So whatever happens next will be a blessing. But she is looking to treat herself first, and then dive into a couple of projects where she is the main star and see how they stick. She is looking to surprise people.’

The insider mentioned that having such a good and steady paycheck for no less than 11 years was incredible for her as that rarely happens for actors.

Furthermore, the cast got along like an actual family so she will always miss being on set with them.

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