Sarah Hyland Explains Why She Was In The Hospital A Few Days Ago

Sarah Hyland Explains Why She Was In The Hospital A Few Days Ago
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The actress was in the hospital and in a series of clips she shared with her many followers, Sarah Hyland finally revealed the reason why! The explanation comes three days after she posted another video from the clinic.

‘Long story short, I went in because I was feeling like I was being choked from whatever’s in the house. And then I was like, maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe there’s something actually medically wrong with me,’ she explained.

Sarah went on with her story: ‘So I went to the ER after a really long day of work with a lot of makeup on, and I got home, from Friday night. They ran tests, multiple times, and there is nothing physically wrong with me. So. Wonder why I was there.’

As for the clip she was talking about, it featured her hooked up to machines but still cheerfully wishing a friend of hers a happy birthday.

‘I love you, even though it is tomorrow. But since you are all dancing like that, here we go. It is a hospital dance for you, b***h. Yaaas!’ Sarah said.

Seeing the clip, fans started wondering why she was in the hospital and worrying about her condition.

After all, she has kidney dysplasia so people often worry about the star’s health.

Sarah Hyland is very open about her struggle and often updates her followers on her condition and hospital trips.

She is a very positive and happy person despite everything and part of that is because of her very strong support system that includes her family but also her loving boyfriend Wells Adams, who is super reliable and on whom Sarah has been leaning during the tough times.

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