Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Troll Who Slammed Her Engagement Ring Post

Sarah Hyland Claps Back At Troll Who Slammed Her Engagement Ring Post
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Modern Family star Sarah Hyland is clapping back at a troll who called her engagement ring social media post obnoxious.

The actress is still over the moon about her engagement to Bachelor In Paradise alum, Wells Adams. Like any soon to be blushing bride, Hyland is proudly showing off her latest piece of jewelry.

A video of her and Adams on the beach, joking around about whether the sun was blinding them or her massive new ring is the cause of the troll's hate.

"This is a video of us talking about how sunny it is," she chuckled as she flaunted her gorgeous new bling.

"The sun is shining," the actress said she the camera zoomed in on her rock.

One fan decided the couple was too over the top and called them out on it.

"Most obnoxious engaged dips–t award goes to you!!!!" wrote briana_87

Hyland, who is used to shutting down the haters, had the best clap back to the troll.

"Omg! I AM going for the most obnoxious!!!!!! How'd you know??" the ABC starlet fired back at the troll.

She is not going to let the haters get her down. Hyland is ecstatic to be engaged to Adams, and super in love with her ring. Who could blame her, it is fabulous. The reality TV star hit it out of the park with the ring that is for sure.

It has only been a few days since Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams announced they were getting married. The couple of two years, especially him, has been plagued with engagement questions over the past few months.

Rumors have been swirling Adams would pop the question this summer. Some reports even suggested she would have to pay for the ring, but Adams quickly shot those down. He made it clear he would have no trouble buying his lady love the ring of her dreams. It looks like the podcast host was true to his word too.

Social media has been flooded with well-wishes for the coupl e, several of which they have shared via their Instagram Stories. Hyland even revealed how Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his husband; Justin Mikita reacted when she FaceTime them with the good news.

Sarah Hyland has once again perfectly shut down the haters! The actress is not letting anyone rain on her happy days.

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