Sarah Hyland Claims She Has 'No Idea' What Went Wrong At The Hospital This Weekend

Sarah Hyland Claims She Has 'No Idea' What Went Wrong At The Hospital This Weekend
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According to a report from Page Six, Sarah Hyland was in the hospital the entire weekend this past week and she doesn't know what was wrong with her. Speaking with her fans on her Instagram Story earlier, the small screen star said she felt like she was being "choked" by something.

Furthermore, Sarah claims to have suffered from "chest pains" and couldn't even breathe. On Friday night, the Modern Family actress took herself into the Emergency Room and was subsequently released on Monday this week.

Sarah said on her Instagram Story that doctors ran a few different tests on her, and they came up with nothing wrong with her, at least physically. "So wonder why I was there," the Modern Family star remarked. In the past, Hyland has dealt with complications, including kidney issues as well as endometriosis.

Last year in December, Sarah admitted to getting her second kidney transplant. She captioned a photo in April with the message, explaining she was reminding herself to hit the gym. Sarah admitted to making persistent excuses not to go.

Sarah Hyland isn't the only celebrity to undergo a kidney transplant. Fans of Selena Gomez remember when she went under the knife for a new kidney in 2017, and the media never found out about it until after the procedure was finished.

It was later revealed by multiple outlets that Selena actually received a kidney from one of her best friends. There's no question that Gomez has struggled with mental health issues, similar to Sarah.

Reports claimed earlier last year that one of the primary reasons for Gomez's entrance into a mental wellness center was over Justin Bieber's marriage to Hailey Baldwin.

Fans online speculated that Selena was suffering from a broken heart, however, it's unclear if this was the case, as most of these claims are merely rumors. These days, more and more celebrities are coming out to admit to their psychological problems, as a way of destigmatizing mental health issues.

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