Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Already Have Baby Fever After Just Getting Engaged!

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Already Have Baby Fever After Just Getting Engaged!
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It’s been only about a week since Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams got engaged but it looks like the baby fever is already here! The former Bachelorette star proved he’d look great as a dad and his fiancée admitted that her ‘ovaries [were] destroyed’ just seeing that pic.

It is safe to say that the two will start trying for a baby as soon as they tie the knot or maybe even before that!

As fans remember, Wells proposed to the actress on July 16.

Now, in an IG pic from yesterday, he teased Sarah over how great of a dad he would be and she totally agrees that an infant is a good idea for them.

The snap shows the Bachelor Nation member cradling a sleeping baby and looking down at it will a lot of affection and wonder in his eyes.

It was a way for the man to let his significant other picture him holding their future firstborn.

In the caption, he wrote: ‘Uncle Bub actively destroying @sarahhyland ‘s ovaries.’

Sure enough, she responded with: ‘consider them destroyed,’ so it sounds like his plan was successful.

All in all, he did look like he knew what he was doing while holding the cute baby that was sleeping peacefully on his shoulder.

And Sarah was not the only one who got baby fever after seeing that photo because fans commented things like: ‘Wells that is the most precious handsome hot picture I’ve ever seen of you.’  ‘I knew that Sarah wasn’t pregnant but my first thought when seeing this post is ‘oh my God they had a baby!!!’’ / ‘Baby looks good on you.’


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