Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Admit They Have 'No Wedding Plans' - Here's Why!

Sarah Hyland And Wells Adams Admit They Have 'No Wedding Plans' - Here's Why!
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They may be very in love and happy together but Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams are not in a massive hurry to tie the knot after getting engaged back in July of last year. As fans of the famous pair know, they have been in self-isolation together amid this coronavirus, COVID-19 global pandemic and during a new interview, Wells admitted they are yet to plan their wedding despite all the free time they have in quarantine.

Of course, they can’t really do much about their future nuptials at this point because of the outbreak but they don’t even want to plan anything until the problem is all gone!

The two gave a joint interview to Access yesterday, Wells saying that: ‘There are no wedding plans. I think the thought was that we would originally start thinking about it around this time, and now that this [the pandemic] is happening, you know, what is the point of even trying to get anything solidified with everything being so up in the air?’

The former Bachelorette contestant then made it clear that they would never do a live-streamed wedding via an app such as Zoom, even if the quarantine went on for a really long time.

Instead, they would maybe have a really small backyard ceremony but he did mention that even that was highly unlikely.

He went on to jokingly explain the reason why, saying that ‘there are too many ABC personalities that need to give us gifts. Ty Burell, I need a new fishing rod and Chris Harrison, I need some crystal.’

As for the location of their future wedding, he and Sarah are yet to decide anything and have been ‘throwing out all options.’

What really matters for them is their relationship here and now and the man confirmed things are going great!

‘This is a really good test, if we can get through quarantine together, we can get through anything. And so far, so good. We haven’t had a fight,’ Wells also mentioned during the interview.

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