Sara Molina Tekashi 69's Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Used To Physically Assault Her All Of The Time

Sara Molina Tekashi 69's Ex-Girlfriend Claims He Used To Physically Assault Her All Of The Time
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According to a report from, Tekashi69 is now spending much of his time in jail as he awaits his federal case in 2020. As it was previously reported, Tekashi69, or Mr. Daniel Hernandez, found himself in serious trouble with the federal authorities on a litany of charges, including racketeering which was one of the biggest charges a criminal can face.

Recently, it was rumored that Mr. Hernandez, 22, would enter a guilty plea just to eliminate some of his jail time. If he is convicted of the crimes, Hernandez will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, just like Fat Joe reluctantly predicted.

Fat Joe, in a now famous and prophetic clip, said he took no pride in predicting Daniel's precipitous fall from the graces of hip-hop. However, some online have suggested that Tekashi69 was hardly a respectable figure in the scene, either way, considering his meteoric rise was mostly a consequence of his social media marketing skills.

His ex-girlfriend, Sara Molina, unfortunately, came out with even more bad news regarding the incarcerated rapper. Sara has been quite critical of the aspiring rapper since he was first detained by the authorities, even speaking with her social media followers and accusing him of not supporting their child together.

Amid those claims, Molina has now begun accusing Mr. Hernandez of being an avid abuser reported The Daily Beast. Amid their nearly decade long romance, seven years to be exact, Sara accused Tekashi of regularly assaulting her.

"He punches me out of nowhere," the star remarked. It was in reference to a supposed altercation that went down in a hotel in Dubai. "There was blood on the hotel pillowcases," the young mother remarked, adding that he "got scared."

She threatened to go back home and he demanded to know if she had been sleeping with her manager, Shotti, around that time. Molina accused the rapper of "beating her for two hours straight."

Moreover, he supposedly told her, amid the beating, that he was going to "make an example" out of her. When he woke up, he forced her to sleep with him, and she claims her face was swollen from the assault.

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