Sandra Lee Says Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Still Her Guy Despite Their Break Up

Sandra Lee Says Governor Andrew Cuomo Is Still Her Guy Despite Their Break Up
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Sandra Lee, like many other American citizens, has been closely watching the words of New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, over the last few weeks. This can be hard on Lee, considering she and Cuomo just broke up back in September of last year.

During an interview with the New York Times, Sandra explained that she wakes up every morning and checks out the news. She also watches Andrew live. The star claims she often tells Andrew what she has been thinking about after the conferences.

Lee added that the Governor of New York was still "her guy," moreover, she claims neither one of them has had a date since splitting up last year, as far as she knows, anyway. According to Sandra, she and Andrew are inextricably linked due to their friendship, children, and their home.

Lee went on to say that she'll be by his side until she dies. Dani Lever, Governor Cuomo's communications director, said to Page Six that Andrew is wishing her well during these troubling times. There's no question that Andrew has been far too busy lately dealing with a pandemic than to start dating women again.

As it was noted above, Andrew Cuomo is the Governor of New York, the state hit hardest by the coronavirus, AKA COVID-19. Thus far, the state has the most amount of cases than any other state, although, it has been reported in the last week that they're finally starting to see a decrease in cases.

According to a report from Politico, however, there are problems with the medical system in the state, including the reported lack of cotton swabs for testing. The outlet claims that doctors use long cotton-swabs to swipe the inside of a person's throat or nostrils for testing.

However, as the supply continues to run out, it's becoming more difficult for medical professionals to get their hands on the necessary tools for proper testing.

Demetre Daskalakis, a doctor and deputy commissioner at the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, stated there was a possibility New York would soon run out of cotton swabs. She added that providers have been told to only test patients who are in need to conserve their supplies.

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