Sandra Bullock puts her wedding on hold. Here’s why

Sandra Bullock puts her wedding on hold. Here’s why

According to insiders, Sandra Bullock’s wedding has been postponed. The decision to wed Brian Randall after such s short period of dating may have been just too rash and the actress is starting to realize it. Not only that, but apparently Randall’s past is making her question her choice of tying the knot even more.

The 52 year old actress is reconsidering going through with her spring plans of walking down the aisle with 50 year old, bad boy Bryan Randall. She is seriously close to putting everything on hold until she clears her head and makes a more thought out decision.

Maybe her doubts have been appearing after her close ones kept suggesting that the decision to marry Randall was too rushed and they advised Bullock to take her time when it comes to reaching such important decisions. They also could not ignore the man’s problematic past and issues with the law.

“All of her friends have been in her ear saying there’s no need to rush — especially given all the skeletons in Bryan’s closet,” a source close to the couple shared.

In 1998, Brian Randall was caught by the authorities driving under the influence and even served four days in prison for his reckless behavior. Furthermore, during that time, Randall was often unable to contain himself while drunk and his party-hard nights sometimes even ended with thrashing hotels’ property. That’s a lot to deal with.

Although Bullock’s representatives denied wedding plans existed in the first place, her close friends confirmed what we were guessing already. Although wedding bells were on Sandy’s mind, it looks like she is now taking a step back and reevaluating her options, just to make sure it is the right step to take.

According to an insider, “Sandy must be seeing things in Bryan that love blinded her to before. She’s definitely put the brakes on things until she’s SURE this is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.”


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