Sanaa Lathan, Who Misses Her Hair Occasionally, Shares Makeup-Free Photos Sporting Braids From The Set Of 'The Affair'

Sanaa Lathan, Who Misses Her Hair Occasionally, Shares Makeup-Free Photos Sporting Braids From The Set Of 'The Affair'
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After her big chop, Sanaa Lathan revealed via weekly updates that her hair was growing back beautifully.

The gorgeous and talented actress originally shaved her head bald for the critically-acclaimed Netflix flick, Nappily Ever After .

Sanaa is back on the set of The Affair , and she has debuted a new sexy hairstyle that took many of her fans back to the Love & Basketball era. Sanaa decided to go from her natural curls to twist/braids.

She shared a few makeup-free photos while filming scenes for the Showtime hit series, and she looks like she is aging backward. As the saying goes, it is hard to please everyone.

While many of the Shots Fired star supporters love her new hair, others are angry that she has ditched her natural hairdo after building an entire movie on the matter. A few also claimed Sanaa is biting Beyonce's style.

One person shared: "She fine regardless of ???‍♂️ hair, no hair, whatever. I think they only did that so it wouldn’t seem like the movie was supposed to be romance. It made me mad cause her, and that black man was so cute together.should of made it into a series. This picture takes me back to the love and basketball ? days aging beautifully."

Another commenter stated: "Pretty! Love that you don’t wear much makeup! She’s gorgeous with whatever hair! How did she bite someone? It's a hairstyle!!! Its meant to be reproduced!!! ??‍♀️ Folks do waaaayyy too much!!! Besides these were out waaaaayyy before Beyonce did em. That in between grow out stage had her like yeah lemme get some twists! She bit Beyoncé! Go back to bald headed we ??don’t?? care ??sis ??."

This person decided to bring up the Beyonce biting scandal by writing: "After she slayed the bald fade ... We know everything looks good on her. Why tf you all keep saying she bit Beyoncé ?! ?? I thought we figured out that it wasn’t her ????The smile is always perfect. Is this a sequel to that I Am Not My Hair Netflix movie?"

Sanaa recently revealed that she misses her hair. She wrote: "99% of the time I’m in love with my #TWA, but some days, like today ?, I just miss my HAIR."

Sanaa is brilliant regardless of what she does with her hair.

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  • LadyC
    LadyC Nov 18, 2018 12:16 PM PST

    Bey is played out, she been played out who cares! Ain't nobody bit bey period....ughhhhh wish ppl would plz move on from that part seriously SMH. There are far more BEAUTIFUL women in Clara's than for ppl to be stuck on one. Geesh......SANAA LATHAN is absolutely GORGEOUS doesn't matter how she wears or styles her hair!!

  • Diva6776
    Diva6776 Nov 17, 2018 12:57 PM PST

    Sanaa Latham got her looks honestly. She doesn't need a lot of make up. I have seen pictures of her father and he is SUPER FINE!??????

  • Karen jackson
    Karen jackson Nov 17, 2018 4:10 AM PST

    She has her own looks. She doesn't have to try to look like anyone else. She's just born a good looking woman.

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