Sanaa Lathan Shaved Her Head For New Role In Nappily Ever After

Sanaa Lathan Shaved Her Head For New Role In Nappily Ever After

No hair, don't care. That seems to be beauty, Sanaa Lathan's, new motto after she completely ditched her dark locks for a bald, closely shaved head for a new role. The 45-year-old actress proudly showed off her buzz cut via Instagram. The major hair change is for her starring role in Netflix's Nappily Ever After .

Violet, the main character in the film played by Sanna, has an unexpected accident at the salon that changes the course of her life. The film takes on risk, expectations, vanity and beauty in a way that hasn't been explored before.

The film also deals with the uncertainty in Violet's relationship as she's been with her boyfriend for quite some time and is wondering why he hasn't popped the question. Speculation of infidelity looms as Violet becomes unsure of herself and their relationship.

The movie has some real star power behind it as Halle Berry stars alongside Lathan. Berry also doubles as a producer for the film. This movie already has two great things going for it with those two ladies at the helm.

The film also chronicles her hair journey via different hairstyles over a specific course of time.

Lathan has been showing off all the many hairdos she gets to rock on the set of this new film. She recently went blonde and debuted that look on her Instagram as well.

It's refreshing to see such positivity in the comments on her posts. Many fans saying she looks beautiful bald or even better without hair. Due to the importance and weight society puts on cosmetic aspects of appearance, it's good to see people understand that hair shouldn't be an entire person's identity. Hair doesn't necessarily render one beautiful or ugly.

We can often get so caught up in the trappings of our physical form that we lose sight of how important it is to be a beautiful person by how you carry yourself and by how you treat others.

Violet's journey will be an in-depth and expansive one to witness. A release date for the Netflix original film has not yet been released.

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    Donna Sep 6, 2017 4:27 PM PDT

    She is beautiful

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