Sanaa Lathan Celebrates 20 Years In Hollywood Wearing Pink Outfit That Leaves Little To The Imagination In New Picture

Sanaa Lathan Celebrates 20 Years In Hollywood Wearing Pink Outfit That Leaves Little To The Imagination In New Picture

Cherry bomb! Sanaa Lathan is looking beyond stunning and leaving little to the imagination in a sexy pink outfit.

Sanaa wore a bustier that showed off lots of cleavage and opted for a sexy bob wig.

The talented actress is celebrating 20 years in Hollywood, and she sat down for an interview with E! to talk about her experience working in the movie business.

She stated: "I always talk about the fairy tales that we grew up on—Cinderella, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White—I mean, these are the stories that we are read as little girls to show us what is valued and what is beautiful and what we should want and [black women are] not reflected in that. And so, what does that do to your self-esteem? For me, it's just so important. I'm feeling so great now that we are starting to see images in advertising, movies, and TV that look like us because it's important."

Sanaa went on to explain: "When we were coming up—and I say we meaning like my peer group, you know, Nia Long, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall, and Regina King—we weren't allowed to wear our hair natural. And I'm not saying we weren't allowed, but a lot of the feedback that I would get about my hair was unspoken. You had to wear wigs and weaves to get the role. Now, this whole generation, the generation of actresses younger than I, are really starting to wear their hair naturally. You're seeing that throughout the industry, but it's still so hard...Whether it's your parents or your work environment, it's a real thing. It's a real thing that you kind of have to overcome. But it's really liberating when you do."

She concluded by: "I still have to fight. Every job, I have to fight to get somebody who I know knows how to do my hair, and sometimes you can't get it. And oftentimes, if you can't get it, you'll make your hair decision based on whether you can get a hairdresser or not. For instance, you'll choose to wear a wig...A lot of women do that...The more women of color there are working, [the more] we have to have the same reflection behind the scenes."

Sanaa is expected to return on the next season of The Affair .

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