Sanaa Lathan Breaks The Internet With Alluring Sheer Snake Bathing Suit Photos

Sanaa Lathan Breaks The Internet With Alluring Sheer Snake Bathing Suit Photos
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Sanaa Lathan has fans saying wow and asking what is her secret after she posted a series of head-spinning photos where she is wearing a sheer bathing suit.

The stunning Nappily Ever After actress took a little vacation in Nobu Los Cabo in Mexico before the quarantine period due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sanaa unveiled her killer curves in a white bathing suit that features sheer panels by Norma Kamali. Described as a “snake one-shoulder mesh-paneled swimsuit,” it sells for $265.

One fan had this reaction: "That swimsuit is everything 🔥🔥. Why are you doing this to me? Smdh I’m calling you now."

Another commenter stated: "How refreshing to see a beautiful, natural body. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💜"

This person wrote: "Not just beauty, it’s soul glow Grace and excellence your energy is beautiful to live on. It’s a weird coincidence I’m wearing that same suit right now while doing the dishes. #twins."

Sanaa recently did an interview where she opened up about shaving her head in Something New and Nappily Ever After : "It connected all over the world, because the hair is really a metaphor for self-love, and being outside of what society tells us we should be. And every woman can identify with that. That was pretty terrifying, though, because everybody knew that was the day that I had to shave my head. That was all my hair."

She added: "I kept asking Larry Sims, who was the hairstylist, “Do you think the shape of my head will be okay?” “Yeah, baby, it’s going to be great.” And then after I did the scene—we basically did it in one take—and the whole set is on pins and needles. I actually called “cut” because they wanted me to call “cut” when I was done. Everyone was in tears. Larry runs in, and he’s like, “Oh, my god, your head is beautiful. Thank god!” I was, like, “What do you mean? You were telling me that it was.” He was like, “I didn’t know. I was just telling you that. I didn’t know. You could have had a cone head.” So that was hysterical."

She concluded by: "But it was interesting because, after I shaved it off, I was, like, “Oh, I’ll just wear wigs. They’ll look really natural.” And I didn’t wear a wig once in my real life. Actually, every ex-boyfriend of mine was like, “Ooh, can I come rub it?” I was so surprised by the reaction from men. And when I went to not a screen test, but a lighting test, for The Affair, and my hair was still bald, I brought a long wig—it was mainly guys on set that day. And I did a test with the wig, and with baldy, and was like, “What do you like better?” They all said my baldy, and I was so shocked. So I did the baldy. It was very liberating. There are days now, because it’s growing out, it’s at the in-between stage, where I just want to shave it all off again."

Sanaa is still fresh as ever.

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