Sammi Giancola’s Loved Ones Very Happy She's Found Her Current Boyfriend - Here's Why!

Sammi Giancola’s Loved Ones Very Happy She's Found Her Current Boyfriend - Here's Why!
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According to new insider reports, Sammi Giancola’s loved ones are big fans of her beau, Christian Biscardi. Apparently, the man really makes her happy, and that’s all her family wants for her.

The former Jersey Shore star and her boyfriend Christian have been dating for about a year and a half.

Before that, she was famously involved romantically with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro but in the end, their on again, off again relationship did not survive.

And that was a good thing in the end since she got to meet Christian who is supposedly her destined other half!

Now, one source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Sammi’s family is so elated to see how happy she is with Christian. Her family worried for a while when she was with Ronnie and they’re so happy Sammi left her Jersey Shore days behind her to date a normal guy. They’re so elated she’s found the one in Christian and they all know engagement is right around the corner.’

They went on to reveal that ‘It hurt Sammi’s family to see her so sad and emotionally hurt when she was with Ronnie. Sammi’s family felt that the Ronnie relationship left Sammi in emotional shambles and knew it would be hard for her to date again. Christian has made Sammi so happy and that’s made Sammi the happiest she’s ever been which has brought them all closer together again.’

It sounds like all of Sammi’s loved ones are very relieved to see her finding love and happiness with Christian.

Besides, since the woman decided not to return to the spin-off for the show that made her famous, it’s clear that she’d rather stay away from the spotlight and that is also what her romance with Christian offers her.

Their relationship thrives since it is so normal and not exposed to the public and that is definitely worth losing the money she would’ve gotten from the show!

As for the two of them living under the same roof, the source stated that Sammi is excited about a new chapter in their lives!

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