Sam Hunt Cancels Upcoming Performance In Wake Of Drunk Driving Arrest

Sam Hunt Cancels Upcoming Performance In Wake Of Drunk Driving Arrest
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In the wake of his recent DUI arrest in Nashville, country singer Sam Hunt has canceled his upcoming performance at the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Awards in Tennessee on December 5th. Buy Me A Boat singer Chris Janson has been named as Hunt’s replacement.

Nashville police arrested Hunt last week after he was pulled over for driving on the wrong side of the road. According to WJHL NewsChannel 11 in Johnson City, Tennessee, Hunt was driving south in the northbound lanes of Ellington Parkway when officers were called to the scene and proceeded to pull Hunt over.

The police said that when they encountered Hunt, he had bloodshot and watery eyes, smelled of alcohol, and had two empty beers in his vehicle. Hunt admitted that he had consumed alcohol “recently,” and police said in their incident report that he showed “numerous signs of impairment on all tests conducted.”

Hunt’s blood alcohol level ended up being .173, which is twice the legal limit in Tennessee. After his arrest, the Drinkin’ Too Much singer apologized for his actions on Twitter.

“Wednesday night I decided to drive myself home after drinking at a friend's show in downtown Nashville,” wrote Hunt. “It was a poor and selfish decision and I apologize to everyone who was unknowingly put at risk and let down by it. It won't happen again.”

Best known for his hit single Body Like A Back Road , Hunt said during an interview on The Bobby Bones Show last month that he was uncomfortable with the word “star,” and hearing it made him cringe a little bit.

Hunt explained that the celebrity that comes with being a singer in this society is strange for him, and so is the pedestal that you get put on. Hunt said he felt a little bit undeserving of the attention and focus on him just because he created some music.

The 34-year-old made it clear that his music was not a real reflection of his character or morality, and he felt there were other things that were more deserving of attention. Sam Hunt said that “it’s just talent,” but it’s not a “heroic talent.” However, famous singers are still kind of looked at in that way.

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