Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Makeup-Free Beauty And Gets Real About Looking 'Old And Ugly!'

Salma Hayek Shows Off Her Makeup-Free Beauty And Gets Real About Looking 'Old And Ugly!'
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Earlier today, the 52 year old actress proved her beauty is timeless when she took to social media to share selfies of her makeup free! At the same time, Salma Hayek got real about age and looks, sharing with her followers the secrets to looking as good as possible in pictures.

As it turns out, lighting is very important as it can help capture one’s best features or, on the contrary, highlight their greatest flaws!

That being said, the pictures of her bare face were taken in various forms of lighting, to exemplify her point.

While her pics were far from ‘ugly’ she argued that if the lighting is bad, it can make people look just like that.

In the caption, she wrote in both English and Spanish that ‘I love playing with light. If you get to know it it can make you 👀 younger or mysterious, sexy or sweet but just be careful because it can make you look old and ugly as well. Me encanta jugar con la luz. Si la sabes usar te puede hacer ver joven o misteriosa, sexy o dulce pero cuidado por qué también te puede hacer ver vieja y horrorosa.’

The day before, on August 20, she also posted a few pictures featuring herself in a purple one-piece bathing suit, proving she is in great shape as well!

Once again, she had some advice to give her fans, saying in the caption that ‘Sometimes you just need to surrender and just let the waters move and embrace you. A veces hay que dejarse or y dejar que las aguas te muevan y te abracen. #waves.’

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