Salma Hayek Reacts To Kumail Nanjiani's Incredible Fitness Transformation!

Salma Hayek Reacts To Kumail Nanjiani's Incredible Fitness Transformation!
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Kumail Nanjiani's incredible body transformation impressed a lot of people and it turns out that his Eternals co-stat, Salma Hayek is one of them! The actress opened up about it in an interview for ET while in attendance at the Like a Boss premiere!

According to her, ‘I've been seeing it from the beginning. But you know, [when] there is a moment off he goes to the gym, and I am like, 'No, just stop it!' Just stop humiliating people because you do not want to go to the gym! I do not want to go to the gym and it just makes you feel bad.’’

As those who are looking forward to watching the Eternals know, the upcoming movie stars both Nanjiani and Hayek alongside Angelina Jolie and other big names in the industry such as Kit Harington, Brian Tyree Henry, Lauren Ridloff, and Richard Madden!

About this great cast, the actress told the news outlet that ‘They're so amazing. It is such a diverse cast, not just our backgrounds and our ages, also in personalities and it is incredible how this director picked these people who are so different that can bond together so well. We are going through a journey that's so intense and you get a family feeling because it might continue for many, many years.’

In the meantime, Nanjiani took to his platform just last month to post a couple of shirtless pictured in which he was showing off his ripped body!

The actor, turned complete thirst trap, talked about his transformation in the post’s caption, admitting that he’d never thought he’d be the one to pose for such pics.

However, he mentioned how he felt like he’d worked way too hard to reach those results to not show it off!

The man then told his followers that finding out he was going to star in the Marvel movie was what ultimately made him want to change his appearance.


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