Safaree's Christmas Photos Featuring Baby Girl Safire Will Make Your Day

Safaree's Christmas Photos Featuring Baby Girl Safire Will Make Your Day
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Safaree shared some Christmas pics featuring his baby girl, Safire Majesty. He's dressed as Santa and the baby girl has some funny reactions.

'Bad gal maje wasn’t so bad when meeting this Jamaican rahtid Santa, sock off and all! 😂 @safiremajesty' Safaree wrote.

Someone said: 'I see she kick that sock off and did some strange stuff with her toes 😂. It’s ok I don’t like him either babygirl.💗'

Another follower said: 'So beautiful none of the babies like Santa Claus they always cry little cutie pie,' and someone else posted this: 'Poor ting.... Like she nuh daft... Good person... What.... Where mi puppa deh.'

A commenter said: 'Omg look at the baby❤️don't cry sweety😘gbu all Amen,' and another follower posted: 'It’s the missing sock for me... shows how upset she really is lol .'

Someone else said: 'You know she mad because babies will take off that one sock in a rage lol😁' and a commenter posted this: 'Even lost her Sock during the scare.'

Safaree also took his beard off and Safire was more relaxed then.

'Her mood changed when she saw it was Dada 🤣🤣 @safiremajesty,' Safaree said.

Someone said: 'Omg!!! She is so sweet! Why you do her like that 🤣...sending her lots of love 💕'

In other recent news, Safaree  just revealed what  Erica Mena  hates these days about him. Check out the post that Safaree shared about his wife on his social media account.

‘She hates that I wanna wheelie all day, but she still loves me. 😂😂 Merry Christmas world and goo SU%%%^ yahhhhh maddaaaa 🎁🎄’ Safaree captioned his post.


Safaree and Erica are living their best life together with their friends and family.

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