Safaree Tells Fans That We Need To Slow Down On Everything

Safaree Tells Fans That We Need To Slow Down On Everything
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Safaree seems to be eventually affected by what's been going on in the world these days amidst this global disaster in which we're all together. At first, he was saying that the government is somehow involved in this, but it looks like now, he's taking things more seriously.

Here's the message that he shared with fans on his social media account:

'We need to value time more!! Do you think it’s possible? I think we all need to slow down! On EVERYTHING,' Safaree said.

Someone posted this: 'Real talk. We lost focus on what matters the most, and it's really sad. I wish you all the best stay blessed.'

One follower said: 'Big facts !!! All the family is going to be closer by the end of this.'

Someone else posted: 'God wants us to slow down because we have been living our lives so busy and need to take time for ourselves. I do believe it’s possible, and we definitely need to value our time a lot better than we’re doing.'

A commenter wrote: 'I’ve been saying the same thing over and over but because I’m not famous nobody listens to me😭' and someone else said: 'Yesterday is no more; tomorrow is promised to no one; today is all you've got.'

A fan gushed over Safaree and said: 'I value you. You’re a great guy! Keep up the good work,' and one follower posted this: 'You see how that wind starts blowing once you started speaking #LOOKATGOD responding. Big Facts🙌🏾'

In other news, Safaree seems to be appreciating the ways in which Italians are trying to keep their spirits high during such a difficult time that they’re in.

Italy has been the most affected country after China, with the most coronavirus cases.

The country is in lockdown, and people are spending their days indoors just like most people all over the world.

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    Joann Hooper Mar 21, 2020 7:22 AM PDT

    Stop showing pictures and pray.

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