Safaree Tells Fans He Lost His Mind In Quarantine - Check Out This Hilarious Video In The Backyard

Safaree Tells Fans He Lost His Mind In Quarantine - Check Out This Hilarious Video In The Backyard
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Safaree just told his fans that quarantine might have already gotten to him. He said that he might have even lost his mind and his lovely side, Erica Mena seems to agree.

Check out the video that Erica filmed of Safaree fooling around in the backyard.

'Day 23 of quarantine in my backyard.. I think I lost my mind 😩' Safaree captioned the video he shared on his social media account.

Someone said: 'Erica come get your husband lol,' and another follower exclaimed: 'Lol you are not alone!!!🇨🇦 It is still winter here in Edmonton -9 with fresh snow.'

One other follower said: 'Would be cool if the neighbors would play with you lol,' and a fan posted this: 'I feel like killing that damn Coronavirus. If only we could.'

Someone else said: 'Meanwhile wish I had a yard to do this silly sh*t in,' and one other commenter posted this following message: 'This is a bad time for you to lose your mind! The baby needs a diaper change.'

Another fan said: 'Lmao!!! You play wayyy too much!!'

While at home, Safaree also makes sure to work out like crazy at home and he's been sharing various clips on his social media account to show fans how hard he's been exercising.

Here's a throwback video that he shared.

'I want everyone I know to do 50 push-ups every hour for 8 hours that's 400!! Stay motivated ... it’s more fun that way! ‼️🪐‼️🪐 outta this world w/ @confusedmuscles,' Safaree captioned his clip.

Someone said: 'Damn beast mode!!! Let me put these chips down and get my life back together 😅'

Another follower posted this: 'When called upon to help your country, you said “I will do anything to help Jamaica” without giving a second thought!! Thank you @safaree.'

Other than this, Safaree and Erica are living their best life these days since they had their baby girl.

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