Safaree Shows Fans An Amazing Photo Of Him And His Daughter

Safaree Shows Fans An Amazing Photo Of Him And His Daughter
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Safaree is showing fans a really amazing photo of him and his daughter. Check it out here.

'Just touch down in Dallas and got blown away! Speechless Love and appreciation like this from someone I’ve never met is a feeling I’ll never get tired of 🙏🏾 Appreciate you bro!' Safaree said.

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Someone else posted this: 'Bro. Why is your wifecomplaning again,' and one other follwoer said: 'Ain’t nothing like Texas love and hospitality.'

One other follower said: 'I see why people go behind your back in your house. Why don't you post after getting back home yet you wanna show your location.'

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One fan posted this: 'U need to be at home with wife and child because @iamerica_mena cnt keep doing everything herself. Stop being so selfish u have another child on the way Erica have enough on her plate already step up and be the dad that @iamerica_mena want you to be. This is reality not safree world.'

Someone said: 'Omg, that’s awesome! Blessings Always My Brother!!!'

Erica Mena   and  Safaree   's house was robbed and both of them addressed the issue on social media. Check out the latest news about the unfortunate event.

The Shade Room writes: 'Erica later posted a photo of a woman alleging she was involved in the robbery. The woman took to her Instagram account to deny the allegations. (SWIPE) for the details.'

Safaree is sharing footage on his social media account of his house being robbed. Check out the clip here.


'Look familiar? Dude stole my baby’s dress. And that’s my jacket he’s wearing... y’all done!! . We have so much pics and videos of y’all' Safaree posted.

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