Safaree Shares Precious Advice About Money And Life With His Fans

Safaree Shares Precious Advice About Money And Life With His Fans
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Safaree is definitely living his best life together with Erica Mena and their baby girl, who recently came into this world. The man has everything - a loving wife, a baby girl, wealth, and success. What more could one want?

Safaree thought to share a bit of his wisdom with his Twitter followers, and you can check out the piece of advice that he just gave his fans.

'To all my young Kings out there keep your money in the bank or out of social media site. I know some ppl might not be used to having a lot of money, but try your best and refrain from showing it on social media. Won’t front like I didn’t go through that phase, but I learned from it,' Safaree tweeted.

He also shared a message about spreading love this year:

'For 2020 I’m gonna start randomly hitting up old friends old family members and people who I ain’t speak to in mad long and just send love. Spread love.'

Safaree also felt the need to hop on Instagram and share another message there as well:

'This world we live in has no love or respect for anyone. Us as humans really can’t take waking up for granted. God bless this world. Cuz we all need it 🙏🏾' he posted.

Someone agreed and said: 'So true dem bad mind and envious ppl that be around you and hating you at the same time.'

Another follower posted: 'This is called a time of negligence time 1 k just before the end of the world Almighty Creator already sends a message n will be the time when Angel will fall pray for savings of soul n saving family from hellfire. We live in a matrix world it's just material but our soul is smth special same as faith be busy of remembrance of to whom your life belongs #merciful just reminding.'

One other Instagrammer said: 'Well said Safaree. Life is too short, and any day we wake up is a beautiful day. So many lives being lost for no reason. God help us all.'

Do you agree with what Safaree has to say about money, love, and life in general?

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