Safaree Shares A Piece Of Advice For His Fans

Safaree Shares A Piece Of Advice For His Fans
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Safaree thought that this is the best moment to offer his fans and IG followers a piece of advice. He is also addressing the fact that haters are picking on him all the time, no matter what he does, and they criticize him all day long.

Check out the words that Erica Mena's hubby had to share on his social media account. Speaking of Erica, his message is also targeting her, as you will see below.

'To my ppl when your genuinely happy in life and doing your thing you don’t have time for the mere chitter-chatter! Elevate because we’re on a level they can’t reach! It’s hard to hear from up here‼️ and get use to these pics cuz I don’t look at the shirt section anymore 💪🏾💪🏾🏆🏆💴💴 STRAIITTT #thisaintspacejambitch thank you to my wife for always taking my million pics @iamerica_mena I love you even tho u wanna kill me during Quarantine 😂' Safaree captioned his post.

A fan told him, 'Your confidence is beautiful, never change!' and someone else said: 'Erica your husband is looking real good 😍bless u Safaree n ur family🙏'

Someone else said: 'No more shirt brother. We going shirtless for the next decade.'

Another follower posted this: 'Naw, cause If you really check it, different preferences, different lanes Iah, just stay in your lane and everything is everything,' and someone else said: 'You always so fresh and neat, and Erica is so damn beautiful. You two look amazing together which is why you both get so much hate, it is hard being beautiful.'

Someone else gushed over Safaree and said: 'Wow! You look great @safaree Your abs got me motivated,' and another fan posted this: 'You and Erica have been looking beautiful AF!! I love seeing y’all happy and sharing the love that you do!'

In other news, speaking of Safaree's wife, Erica made her fans go crazy with excitement again with a new photo that she dropped on her social media account.

Safaree also hopped in the comments and made sure to show fans how he feels about his wifey.

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