Safaree Samuels Admits He Still ‘Loves’ Nicki Minaj And Is Caught Stalking Her On Instagram!

Safaree Samuels Admits He Still ‘Loves’ Nicki Minaj And Is Caught Stalking Her On Instagram!

It sounds like the feelings are still there. Safaree Samuels got caught by his good friend Shiggy looking at his former girlfriend Nicki Minaj’s social media.

But that is not even the only proof that he still cares about the ex very much.

One fan account shared a private message conversation during which he admitted he still loves her.

Now, fans are dying to know if there are chances the former couple might reunite!

Apparently, the fan Safaree was talking to wanted to know what he thought about the speculations that some of Nicki’s songs on her new album were dissing him.

‘Can we clear this up? Mmkay, let me sit it here ? okurrrtttt ? From the MAN HISSELF ….no further questions ur honor #safaree #teamsafaree#stuntgang (yes I had permission to post #areudumb ?),’ the said fan wrote in the caption of the screenshot they made public.

During the private chat, Safaree said: ‘Now y’all saying I was dragged.’

The fan then explained to the star that some fans are saying this just because they want him to hate Minaj.

‘I love that girl from the depth of my soul still..I could never hate her,’ the man replied. Aww….

Soon after, Shiggy shared a clip on his account that showed Safaree checking out Nicki’s Instagram.

‘My Boy @iamsafaree Reminiscing ????? @nickiminaj He Want That Old Thing Back,’ Shiggy’s wrote in the caption.

In the video, he says: ‘Yo this n***a here sneaking on Nicki’s page.’

Sure enough, as he turns his camera to his pall, Safaree can be seen looking at Nicki’s page on his phone.

As Shiggy laughs, Minaj’s ex plays coy, turning the phone away from the camera and asking his friend to ‘chill.’


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