Safaree Reveals His New Passion In This Video, Worrying Some Of His Diehard Fans

Safaree Reveals His New Passion In This Video, Worrying Some Of His Diehard Fans
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Safaree just revealed a new passion that he seems to be having these days. He's been really active on social media lately, posting all kinds of pics featuring his wife, Erica Mena and their gorgeous baby girl, Safire Majesty.

You are probably also aware of the fact that he and Erica have been surrounded by all kinds of breakup rumours, but fortunately, they remained just that - rumours.

The couple is very much together these days, and they are going stronger than ever. Fans could not be happier to know this.

Anyway, check out the video that Safaree dropped on his social media account to see his newly found passion!

'I used to hate dirt bikes growing up I can’t lie but now I’m officially Dirtbike gang 😩😂 All i want is circles in my driveway like @workoutstunts @hollywoodstuntz @chad__5 @kingrommel @__braap_ and I’ll be happy 🔥🔥 I need y’all help ASAP I’m FIENDINGGGGGGGGG ! Honda Crf gang #hondacrf I’ll have it in a week 😇 thank you @p1_powersports for my new CRf ✔️' Safaree captioned his post.

A follower asked: 'Do You need a license to put one of those on the road ?' and someone else responded with 'no.'

A commenter posted this: 'Man..... Let's see the work on the streets then if you're truly biker gang😏.'

There were more fans who freaked out and said that Safaree should be careful on those roads because he has a family at home and he should not take any risks with his life.

For instance, one fan said: 'Stop now, my friend just died Friday because of one. It's not worth it. His daughter is only 4 yes.' More similar comments popped up and warned Erica's hubby.

Diehard fans might remember this photo that  Safaree  dropped on his social media account not too long ago.

This is part of a racy photo session that he and  Erica Mena  had a while ago.


But the announcement that Safaree posted in the caption of this pic has fans going crazy in the comments. Make sure to check out his announcement.

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