Safaree Reveals Erica Mena's First Rap Feature - Fans Love How Supportive He Is

Safaree Reveals Erica Mena's First Rap Feature - Fans Love How Supportive He Is
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Safaree proudly told his fans that his amazing wife would be dropping her first rap feature this weekend. As you already know by now, Erica Mena recently gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl that has Safaree in awe.

Check out the proud hubby's announcement that made fans more than thrilled:

'This Saturday at 9 pm the world is ours‼️‼️' Safaree captioned his post on IG after he also made the announcement on his Twitter account as well.

A fan said: 'All she ever wanted was someone to believe in her, God gave her more than she ever could imagine. I love this.'

Someone else posted this: 'Respect the grind regardless of the outcome. Y’all Islanders hustle period, respect. Tenacity,' and another follower said: 'I'd expect nothing less from Mr. and Mrs. Extra themselves!'

One diehard fan wrote: '@iamerica_mena I love you so much you are so beautiful inside n out I been watching you n filling your journey since your 1st episode of love&hiphop I truly admire you n I am truly happy for you that you have finally found true happiness and love in @safaree anyone can see how much that man loves you n adores you n the ground you walk on congrats on your new baby and your a great mom to your son I’m so sorry about your dad but just know that he is always with you watching over you n your family I hope to get the chance to meet you n your husband @iamerica_mena @safaree my daughter Kayla got to meet him a few years ago in Harlem I have a pic of him with her n her friends she said he is the most down to earth person ever and so genuine god bless you both love you both together wish you all the happiness n success in the world.'

Another supporter said: 'Y’all been winning for at least a year now. Let’s keep the momentum. Don’t disappoint us!'

As expected, there were also lots of haters in the comments who said that Erica would not be able to rap, and Nicki Minaj is the queen. But fans defended the couple.

A follower said: 'If y’all don’t like or support them, WHY TF ARE YOU ON THEIR PAGE??!!! Y’all are sad and just embarrassing 🤦🏾‍♀️ I, for one, cannot wait to hear it. It’s beautiful the way he loves and supports her.'

Are you excited for Erica's new song?

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