Safaree Praises A DJ Playing Music From His Balcony In Italy Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

Safaree Praises A DJ Playing Music From His Balcony In Italy Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic
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Safaree seems to be appreciating the ways in which Italians are trying to keep their spirits high during such a difficult time that they're in. Italy has been the most affected country after China, with the most coronavirus cases.

The country is in lockdown, and people are spending their days indoors. But a lot of them found a way to have fun with the help of a DJ who is playing music from his balcony.

Check out the video that Safaree shared on his social media account, and let's keep Italy, the US, and the whole world in our prayers during this time.

'This is what you call always being positive!! This guy is a legend‼️‼️‼️😂😂😂😂' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone said: 'What if I’m trying to sleep though?' and another follower posted this: 'the neighborhood don't mind at all they're all enjoying on their balconies, but you'll always have that one neighbor who wants to sleep or call the cops lol.'

One commenter posted: 'Man they living even through the storm that’s how you stay positive. 🔥'

Another follower said: 'I hope somebody does this when we really go in lockdown most my neighbors white I hope they don’t mind!😂😂'

One fan said: 'That's so nice everyone can stay home and have fun ❤️❤️❤️ Love this...' and someone else also appreciated this: 'This is dope. I live in the suburbs. Ain’t nothing but tumbleweed.'

Other than this, Safaree keeps his fans updated on his daily activities during this social distancing times in which we’re all living.

Despite the fact that he did not seem to be too affected by the new global crisis, he still believes that the government is involved somehow in this.

His wife, Erica Mena also believes that there are more dramatic things happening all over the world these days.

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