Safaree Pays A Visit At Kirk And Rasheeda Frost's Bistro

Safaree Pays A Visit At Kirk And Rasheeda Frost's Bistro
Credit: Complex

Kirk Frost is happy to tell his fans on social media that his pal, Safaree, stopped by his and Rasheeda Frost's bistro. Check out the photo that Kirk shared on his social media account.

'Thanks, @safaree for stoppin by @frostbistro #straitttt,' Kirk captioned his post.

Someone made a joke and said: 'He made sure he left all his jewelry homecoming to atl 😂😂😂 I know that’s right! It’s hater season!'

This person was referring to Safaree - you probably recall that a while ago, he's been robbed and it seems that he chose not to flaunt his jewels all the time now.

Speaking of Safaree, he thought of sharing a bit of his wisdom with his Twitter followers , and you can check out the piece of advice that he just gave his fans.

‘To all my young Kings out there keep your money in the bank or out of social media site. I know some ppl might not be used to having a lot of money, but try your best and refrain from showing it on social media. Won’t front like I didn’t go through that phase, but I learned from it,’ Safaree tweeted.

Other than this, Kirk made sure to celebrate his grandson's birthday and he also shared a video on his social media account in order to mark this important event.

Someone praised Kirk and said: 'Good job Kirk I like seeing you like this #AFamilyMan,' and a follower posted this: 'Happy birthday to you may God bless you with many many more.'

A fan said: ' nephew luv them as well❤️😍 happy bday dear💕🌹'

Rasheeda also shared a recent photo on her social media account. She tells fans that she’s celebrating her grandson, Kayden’s birthday.

People freaked out because they did not know who Rasheeda was referring to in her post.


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