Safaree Makes Fans Laugh With This Latest Challenge He Posted - See His Clip

Safaree Makes Fans Laugh With This Latest Challenge He Posted - See His Clip
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Safaree has fans laughing like there's no tomorrow in the comments with a video that he posted not too long ago. Check it out here.

'DI BITTAS CHALLENGE w/ Stuntman and our @highfrequenctea member @robbiemaxx ... VOLUME UP!!! This has to be the funniest exchange ever!!! Di bitters may help with constipation, loose stools, repopulating healthy bacteria in the gut, cleanse the blood, assist stagnant liver function, increase stomach acid for easier break down of foods and release toxic morbid matter that speeds up the aging process!' Safaree began his message.

He continued: 'Get yours NOW @highfrequenctea 1 week cleanse... be sure to drink 1 gallon of water a day while cleansing! This detox or any high frequencies detox should not be performed while breastfeeding or nursing! #highfrequenctea #safaree #destinationhappiness #familymatters,' he said.

Someone commented: 'Safaree got me making all type of faces like me a drink it 😂' and a follower said: '❤️❤️ you going through it lately... I saw the chiropractor video. Wow.. you're doing good. 😍😍'

One other follower said: 'Just got mine yesterday starting it today.'

Someone else said: 'Your facial expression is priceless😂' and a commenter posted this: 'Best believe Mi a mek up mi face like a a drink it😭'

Someone else said: 'I watched this 4 times, and it gets funnier every time. I don’t know why.'

Safaree   shared a video ime

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n which he reveals a health-related issue that he used to have. Check it out here.

'*listen to these cracks with the sound up** INSANEE 😩😩 I was in NYC for a few days and my neck and back was hurting. I needed a chiropractor and @drralphnap videos kept popping up in my feed so I contacted him and he got me right in. He said my neck and back was really tight and locked up so he cracked my neck and pulled out his Y-strap and hit me with that. I’m feeling better but a little sore which he said would happen. Go check out @drralphnap if you’re in NYC and tell him I sent you,' Safaree said.


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