Safaree Makes Fans Happy With A New Video Featuring His Daughter, Safire Majesty

Safaree Makes Fans Happy With A New Video Featuring His Daughter, Safire Majesty
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Safaree shared a new video featuring his daughter, Safire Majesty and fans are in awe. Check out the clip that he shared on his social media account below.

'@safiremajesty She doesn’t go to sleep without kissing daddy. I think she’s starting to love me. I got choked up watching this yesterday..😩😩😩' Safaree said.

Someone posted this: 'I’m so glad that you have a child. You’re an amazing father.❤️' and a commenter said: '❤️ she was so sleepy but made sure she gave her daddy a@kiss goodnight. You're an awesome father...'

Someone else posted: 'I’m so happy to scroll this app and see Men like you king 🤲🏽 😍bless up 🧿' and someone else said: 'Your videos with your daughter are heartwarming.'

One other follower said: 'Awwwhhh how sweet this is one of the cutest things ever ❤️' and a commenter wrote this: 'Good morning y’all from Sacramento have a bless day.'

A follower said: 'Safaree, it's good to see love your what erica. Let show for daughter too, really. You do things too as father let bond too it work both ways,' and a fan wrote: 'Awww, God bless the love of your child is the purest kind of Love.'

Safaree shared a photo on his social media account featuring his daughter, Safire Majesty. Check out the post that he dropped on IG.

'Her: Daddy, are my shoes on the wrong feet?? Me: just smile for the picture,' Safaree said.

Safaree and   Erica Mena said a while ago that they have broken up, but it seems that things are slowly getting back to normal these days.

'It’s official I’m not leaving my house this summer. My wife just surprised me and brought Jamaica to my backyard,' he said.


Anyway, fans are happy that these two are still together.

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