Safaree Loves Being A Dad - Check Out The Video In Which He's Dancing With His Daughter

Safaree Loves Being A Dad - Check Out The Video In Which He's Dancing With His Daughter
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Safaree is the happiest man out there. He's also the proudest dad you'll see these days, and the man could not be happier since his wife, Erica Mena, gave birth to their baby girl.

Just the other day, Safaree also had a professional success - one of his songs hit 2 million views, and he proudly announced this to his fans on his social media account.

‘No regular girl just hit 2 million views!! Thx for the love y’all! Keep on streaming!!! No regular girl ft @thegreatjahmiel out on all platforms now‼️ for all the non-regular girls 🎉‼️🎉‼️🎉’ Safaree captioned his post.

Now, he shared a video featuring himself dancing with his baby girl in his arms.  You can check out the sweet clip that managed to impress fans below:

People say that Safaree is definitely a great dad, but they also offer the man a few pieces of advice.

'She started crying, and I started shoulder flinging, and it went away. 😂 she don’t like showing her face 😂 #babysamuels it’s daddy-daughter dance month so imma take advantage 🎉😍 I love how tiny she is 😇' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone said: 'I hope you don't play that music loud Her eardrums are very delicate you know How many books have you read on first-time parents ?? Thank God Erica's around.'

A follower posted this: 'Be careful Safaree with her she ain’t trying to dance that's why she is fussing.'

One other commenter wrote: 'you have to support her back as well her spinal column is not strong as of yet. continue being a great father, my black brother.'

Someone else also told Safaree, 'Be careful @ Safaree her back it’s strong enough for that movement nice and slow Great Dad though. No shade definitely coming from a place of love.'

A few days ago, Safaree went diaper-shopping, and he was really fond of himself.

He even posted a video in which he can be seen dancing in the street to celebrate the moment.

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