Safaree Is Trying To Win Nicki Minaj Back Following Her Breakup From Nas - 'He Still Loves Her!’

Safaree Is Trying To Win Nicki Minaj Back Following Her Breakup From Nas - 'He Still Loves Her!’

According to some sources, Safaree is still thinking about his ex, rapper Nicki Minaj and now that the woman is no longer in a relationship, he is hoping that they will end up reconciling. Nicki and Nas are not an item anymore and men from her past, including Drake and Safaree, are trying to use this opportunity to get her back.

‘Safaree’s been hitting up Nicki ever since he found out things ended between her and Nas. He still loves her and has never given up hope that they’ll get back together. Safaree feels that he’s the reason for most of her early success in her career and that with him back in her life he can help take her to the next level. He wants her back really badly, and thinks she’s as sexy as ever,’ one insider revealed.

Ever since Nicki and Safaree split, there have been a lot of speculations regarding the things they might or might not still feel about one another.

From the news that the man has been planning to write a book about their relationship and about her, to his reaction to Minaj’s very raunchy Paper Magazine cover, it looks like Safaree’s feelings are still there.

In the past, they have been hot and cold but seeing how the man is very determined, there may be another chance for the two to rekindle their romance.

Meanwhile, even Nas, who has recently lost the rapper is regretting it and hopes that one day she’ll come back to him.

Not only that but he is heartbroken that they didn’t have a baby, so Nas remains hopeful they will still be able to start a family in the future.

Seeing how Safaree wants her back and rumors that Drake is trying to hook up with Nicki again are going around, it sounds like he has a lot of competition.

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