Safaree Is Heartbroken After Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive For Coronavirus

Safaree Is Heartbroken After Donovan Mitchell Tests Positive For Coronavirus
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Just the other day, it's been just revealed that the NBA decided to suspend all games until further notice . This came after a Utah Jazz player has been tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now, it seems that there are two Utah Jazz players who have tested positive for COVID-19.

'All-Star guard Donovan Mitchell has tested positive for the coronavirus after it was announced that teammate Rudy Gobert had tested positive Wednesday, bringing the NBA season to a halt,' Deseret writes.

Safaree is heartbroken by the news and he shared the following message:

'Noooooooooo not [email protected]%%a..... pls let this sh*t pass‼️‼️‼️ @spidadmitchell,' Safaree wrote.

Someone said: 'I wish a doctor get on tv and tell us wtf is really going on💀'

A commenter wrote: 'He will recover and be much as we need to sanitize we also need to educate ourselves of the virus. This in itself will reduce the dramatic anxiety.'

Someone else posted this: 'I would of never bring a kid to this world if I knew what I know now😩'

One other follower said: 'Lots of people are surviving it. Only if you are in bad health is a reason to worry,' and a fan posted: 'Y’all are acting like it’s a chronic disease. I’m pretty sure he’ll be fine.'

Someone else said: 'Go get tested‼️ You have to be careful around that baby!🙏🏽' and another follower posted this: 'Get tested Safaree. You have a newborn!!!'

A person told Safaree: 'Safaree breathe Jamaica all the way, not Brooklyn... Just let us unite together and educate each other about the virus instead of living in fear. Let us do regularly by washing our hands sanitizing properly and take care of ourselves. Take your vitamins such as D E C and other supplements that help you to build our immune system and definitely pray for our elders. Remember the sun is apart of killing the virus also.'

A lot of people are panicking, but it's important to stay calm and follow the advice that's been given to us by the WHO.

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