Safaree Is Aiming For The Big Screen - Check Out His Funny Video

Safaree Is Aiming For The Big Screen - Check Out His Funny Video
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Safaree just told his fans that he's aiming for the big screen. Check out the post that he shared on his social media account that had fans laughing.

'I’m taking alll acting roles and scripts! Time for the big screen‼️ Young will smith on the way! Grow the hell up 📺' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone told him: 'Broooo this too funny lmao,' and another follower said: 'It looks like it good show BUT we going to need you to get a better wardrobe stylist.'

One other commenter said: 'You hit the spot with this one,' and someone else posted this message: '@safaree haha this is too good can’t wait to watch lol hilarious.'

A commenter wrote: '@safaree This is your lane! Acting skills have developed ... Go Deh🤑' and someone else said: 'Can't wait ur sooo talented am sure u know u can do anything and make a hit out of it. Especially if u dress like that.'

A follower posted: 'Haha too funny true Jamaican came to play with the antics,' and one other commenter said: 'Just watching @safaree on the regular is entertaining. Now that he has a show oh yea I'm.'

One person believes that 'you will make them women leave their men.'

In other news, Safaree has been really vocal on social media these days and he's been addressing the George Floyd case among other important issues.

Safaree shared a new video on his social media account in which the police can be seen having George Floyd in custody and kicking him while he’s in the car. Safaree is outraged as you can tell from the message that he shared on social media.

‘So they had George Floyd in custody handcuffed beating the shit out of him in the police car then took him out to beat him some more and choke and kill him.. sometimes I say I’m not surprised when I see stuff, but I’m really surprised!!'

Fans were outraged in the comments.

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