Safaree Has A Motivational Message For His Fans - Read It Here

Safaree Has A Motivational Message For His Fans - Read It Here
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Safaree dropped a motivational message on his social media account for fans and followers. Check it out here.

'I love to see ya shine, neva been a hater,' Safaree captioned his post.

Someone said: "BullCrap everyone isn't a hater or jealous although there are plenty of people who are. But people do definitely "Show Off" For example, those who go to the bank and withdraw their entire life savings or earnings and run to social media and start putting it in stacks hugging it, squeezing it, throwing it all around the room, etc. That is showing off lol.'

A follower has posted this: 'Been around one glad you're not anymore.'

A commenter wrote: 'Facts bro!!!! When I shine WE shine. We just trying to make sure everyone level up. 💯. We from the hood and made it. ANYONE can do it!!!'

Someone else said: 'You can’t wear a crown with ya head down,' and a follower posted this: 'Facts! I’m not gunna dim my light for y’all feelings.'

A fan posted: 'Not true!! Sometimes you just get sick of they sh...t!!!' and someone else said: '@safaree say it loud enough so the people in the back can hear.'

One other follower wrote: 'Damn! I guess I need to re-evaluate myself cause ppl be doing too much.'

Other than this, Safaree is living his best life with his wife, Erica Mena , and their baby girl.

Not too long ago, Erica made her fans happy with this new photo featuring her and  Safaree ‘s baby girl. You still cannot see the kid’s face, but fans are completely in love with her no matter what.

You should check out this sweet image that Erica shared on her social media account.

Fans are showing them support on social media all the time when they post something.

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