Safaree Gets Slammed Following This Twitter Comment

Safaree Gets Slammed Following This Twitter Comment
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Safaree is not that worried about the spreading of the new coronavirus, and neither is his wife, Erica Mena. He already posted the fact that he's convinced that the government is somehow involved, while Erica keeps highlighting that there are more people dying in the world due to other causes that are not addressed as much as the new COVID-19.

Safaree shared a post on his social media account of choice, Twitter in which he joked about the virus issue, and a lot of fans are criticizing him for not taking things more seriously.

Someone said: 'It’s all jokes still they get contact and pass it on to their grannies.'

Another follower posted this: 'Everybody partying & everybody probably gone be sick to 🤦🏾‍♀️ like is it that serious ppl can’t sit down for a week or two sheesh Face with rolling eyes.'

Someone brought up the situation in Italy and said: 'I'm hearing in two weeks that'll be a different story. Just look at whats going on in Italy.'

One other follower also criticized Safaree and said: 'it's a stupid comment. there are victims, my Italy is blocked due to the coronavirus, the companies are having big economic problems, the nurses and doctors have no breaks and they are working uninterruptedly for us, we can't even go out. have some respect, thanks.'

A follower posted: 'Government is trying to control the population! Only my opinion!! Wash your hands everyone!! I'm CNA. Just wash your hands, please people!!'

Someone else said: 'Trump was trying to close the borders and stop travel from those countries since day ONE. Democrats said he was racist and got judges to block his decision.'

In other news, it’s been revealed that the NBA decided to suspend all games until further notice . This came after a Utah Jazz player has been tested positive for the coronavirus.

Now, it seems that there are two Utah Jazz players who have tested positive for COVID-19, and Safaree was heartbroken .

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