Safaree Creates An OnlyFans Page And People Accuse Him Of Pulling A Blac Chyna

Safaree Creates An OnlyFans Page And People Accuse Him Of Pulling A Blac Chyna
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Safaree shocked some fans when he revealed not too long ago that he created an OnlyFans page. He announced that people could talk to him somewhere else besides Instagram, which can be pretty toxic sometimes according to what he had to say.

When Safaree revealed his OnlyFans page, some of his followers were upset and said that he's a married man, and he shouldn't be doing this.

Other people were thrilled following the announcement.

A follower said: 'But you are married though 😩' and someone else posted this message: 'and what’s wrong with that? Let him do him.'

One follower seemed excited and said: 'thank you!!👏🏼👏🏼 Most of it is couples!!!!' and one other Instagrammer posted this message: 'The bag that dry huh now those Nicki cheques ain’t coming in.'

Anyway, here's the message that Safaree had for his IG followers:

'Now I’ll be able to communicate with the people who really support me. Ig is toxic sometimes ‼️‼️' Safaree said.

A follower said: 'maybe if you and Erica opened up a workout page together 🤣' and someone else posted the following message: 'He basically pulled a Blac Chyna, it’s just virtual chats lol - it’s a fan club membership!'

One other commenter said: 'This should be embarrassing you’re literally married with a child,' and a person posted this: 'Wow @safaree... only fans??? Sheesh 😬 Go against Nicki it’s gonna cost you.'

Another person seemed excited and told Erica Mena's hubby: 'Safaree we really needed that dont care about the bad comments @safaree.'

In other news, Safaree told his and Erica Mena’s fans that they should not stop exercising during lockdown, and he explained that training your body and mind is important during these tough times that we’re living.

People’s reality changed a lot these days, and everyday life is governed by fears and uncertainty.

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