Safaree Asks His Fans Whether They Can Relate To His New Song, Reckless

Safaree Asks His Fans Whether They Can Relate To His New Song, Reckless
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Safaree asked his fans whether they can relate to his new song called Reckless. Check out the clip that he shared on social media.

'Anybody can relate to this?? Lemme hear from you!!! “Reckless” ft @tr
aviskr8ts link in bio!!! All platforms 💯💯💯💯' Safaree said.

A commenter posted this: 'Why isn't Erica the girl in ur video she is fine🔥 and someone else said: 'In love with this song...keep doing what you're doing Safaree....pushing your music out here in the UK for you.'

Someone else said: 'congrats on this fire song!'

Not too long ago, Safaree shared the following message for his fans: 'When you get to a certain age in life it should be 2nd nature to separate the boys from the men. You can’t say your growing up and have people around you who don’t uplift you. I’m cool with myself and my family so I don’t need a clique or fake friends around me, I did that already. My circle so small it looks like a dot! I don’t need acceptance from anyone.'

He continued and said: 'I don’t go anywhere it doesn’t make sense for me to be. I get invited to a lot and might go to 1 out of 100 invitations. I know I’m that ni%%a. I look the way I feel inside and can’t nobody take that from me. I wouldn’t wanna be anyone else and if you read this you should feel the same way about yourself. STRAIITTTTTT 📸 @shotbysed #reckless #safaree.'

You may recall that fans believed that Safaree broke up with Erica, but according to their social media activity, these two are still together.


Safaree managed to impress his fans and followers with a message about what it means to stay true to yourself. Also, he addresses separating men from boys. Stay tuned for more news.

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